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The aim of the game is to win as many points as possible. To win points scan Moo-R(QR) codes when you see them around the village, or by click on cow links on the map.

Everyone can play whether you donate £5 to buy a map or not. However there are additional points for anyone who  makes the donation (see link below). Once payment via PayPal has been successfully completed you will be redirected to a page where your extra points will be allocated, and you'll be able to access the map online.


There are bonus prizes for the most cow names guessed correctly, the best photograph of nature seen whilst doing the hunt, and the best photo of someone doing one of the NR activities (eg. Yoga moves and more). Each cow page as a 'moo clue' and space for you to submit your guess. This is also your opportunity to upload a photo.


Check out the relevant leaderboard to see how you're getting on compared with everyone else.

You can also see your history of codes scanned and reload the pages again. Simply choose 'Get Racing->History' from the menu. Good luck! Prizes will be announced on Monday 2nd November.