As we start to pay more attention to nature, and notice the world around us, we can learn so many things as well as experiencing a greater sense of connectedness and wellbeing. Check out this cool wind turbine design from KE Tech.

KE Tech have developed a windmill that yields more energy, produces little noise, is bird friendly and also looks very good. The Archimedes windmill is a new type of wind turbine comprising three circular blades which are wrapped around one another and then expanded.

This creates a three-dimensional conical turbine, similar to elongated shells found on the beach. The special design ensures that wind is drawn into the turbine. The average yield is many times higher compared to a normal urban windmill propeller.

If you're not yet sure on what the term 'biomimicry' means, here's a nice explanation with some great examples from Janine Benyus at 'Fast Company'.

In short, 'Biomimicry' Is Innovation Inspired By Nature...

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