Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We're all guilty of contributing the the current crisis regarding plastic in our oceans, soil, and food. We all have the opportunity to start making positive change right away, and there's always more we can do.

This current TV show (Drowning in Plastic) by the BBC, is a great starting point for both those new to the topic, and those painfully aware but looking to understand the situation better.

Check out these for ways to get involved -

There are so many simply things we can all do to help - starting by the most important of the '3 Rs' REDUCE! REDUCE what we consume and create demand for, then REUSE everything we have as many times as possible, and finally RECYCLE whatever is left.

Animals don't understand what's happening to them when they eat our waste, and no parent should be killing their offspring by unwhittingly poisoning or choking them.

WE have the power to STOP THIS. Will you?

blue planet
Our not so blue planet once you start to look closer

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