Thankfully Halloween is done and dusted for another year, and if you have any concerns about the estimated £420,000,000 spent in the UK alone on (predominantly plastic) Halloween products, you might be keen to put your fast decaying "Jack'o'lantern" to good use - for nature.

Pumpkin field
Field of pumpkins

Whilst, sadly, many people's first thought won't be 'food' when they think about Pumpkins, that is of course exactly what they are. Equally, as a parent, I'm very aware that getting kids excited about eating pumpkin isn't easy, but before you lose all hope and simply put your Pumpkin in the bin, spare a thought for some of the little critters who would love to feast on it.

Here are some great ideas from the folks at the National Wildlife Federation in America.


Or if you never got round to carving the lantern or just fancy some seasonal pumpkin food delights for you and your family, then the BBC Good Food page also has some lovely recipes for animals of the human variety.



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