Updated: Nov 12, 2018

There's a Rangtan in my bedroom... You DO know what to do...

This years Christmas TV ad by Iceland Foods has just been banned for being too political.

Whether you agree with this or not, the underlying message in the advert should not be suppressed or ignored. The fact that a prominent UK high street supermarket has decided to not only raise awareness, but also try to bring about tangible change, regarding the critical issue of sustainable palm oil production, is good for us all.

Scene from Iceland Foods Christmas advert.

In this season of excess, in a world dominated by consumption, we could all probably do with some gentle reminders about the impact our 'desire for more' has on the planet and it's inhabitants (including ourselves!). This short animation is hard hitting and incredibly well produced. It might not have a place on UK TV, but with online viewing being so popular these days, the ban will probably have a limited impact on the number of people who see it.

The topic of palm oil is a complex one, but that doesn't mean we can afford ignore it. Many are still unaware of the impact palm oil production has, and most of us (if we're honest) are largely clueless as to just how widely it's used in our food and what we buy, use and consume.

You can watch the full Iceland TV advert below, and we urge everyone to do so. Simple emotive films like this one can be a good reminder for us all, and hopefully after seeing it we'll each try to be more aware of what is used to create the many luxuries we enjoy, without thought, every day.

Perhaps a few of us might even be motivated to ask our own preferred places to shop what they're doing to help ensure all palm oil becomes sustainable, and that 'Rangtan' and his friends don't lose their homes, or lives, due to our ignorance or greed.

For those looking to omit Palm oil completely from their weekly shop, here is one source of guidance from the website "ethical consumer".

Whilst omitting Palm oil completely is one approach, others argue that Palm oil production itself has less of an impact on the environment than alternative crops, and as such avoiding Palm oil all together isn't the solution, and instead the focus needs to be on sustainability and conservation.

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