Updated: Aug 28, 2018

OK, so the below aren't going to win any beauty awards or rosettes at the local fete, but in many ways, that's a good thing!

There are some important lessons / reminders to be had from growing your own food - or at least trying to. Perseverance being one, caring for something living on a daily is another, but perhaps the most important reminder of all, is that growing food can be hard, and isn't necessarily guaranteed to be a success.

Food shouldn't be taken for granted - but why does this matter?

Home grown sweetcorn

It's probably fair to say that many of us are fortunate enough to visit the cinema every once in a while, and personally when I do I'm typically frustrated by the sea of plastic, and food waste which ends up discarded on the floor by fellow film goers.

Through convenience and plenty we've lost sight of what it actually takes to produce food, and what it would be like if we had to rely on our own abilities alone to feed ourselves and our families. Our expectations are out of control, and even our language and love of superlatives encourages increased consumption and inevitable waste. The knock on effect for our planet, and those we share it with, barely gets a look in.

By encouraging children to have a go at growing their own food, it can be a good introduction to where food comes from, the miracle of growth, and the environmental factors which impact whether a crop will succeed. But, most importantly of all it offers an insight into how much effort can be required to grow enough for even the most modest of meals. A lesson which might serve us all well in the future, and one which establishes strong foundations for caring about nature and reducing what we use, and waste.

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