Here's how the experts (BBC) do it!

In this week's episode (Episode 2), Winterwatch concentrates on the superpowers that some of our wildlife has developed in order to survive this harshest of seasons. Chris Packham will be in the New Forest to catch up on the action from the live cameras there and on the River Ness in Scotland.

Iolo Williams is looking at a feral flock of barnacle geese that have descended on RSPB Ynis Hir. Gillian Burke is at RPSB Old Moor in South Yorkshire, where grazing Konik ponies help manage the landscape. Michaela Strachan is looking at the short-eared owls who spend the season on the Isle of May. We also delve below the surface of Loch Carron to see the amazing brittlestars who thrive there in winter, and through the use of new camera technology, we explore the science behind how owls hunt at night.

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