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The Nature's Racers 'Eco-twinning' programme brings schools, organisations and communities together to build friendships, share information, and show solidarity at a time when collaboration is key.


Our model is very simple, and is centred around the ethos that many people making small changes each, is a lot more effective than a few individuals trying to fix all of the world's problems alone. We're here to invite, encourage and support people to embark on nature friendly activities, which they then share to inspire others too. After all, sharing is caring! #ExperienceCareProtect



So how does this work?

​Real world example: A class of UK Yr 3 primary school students work with Nature's Racers to learn about extreme weather and the impact of rapid climate change. As part of this work they re-use household rubbish to create a weather station. They decide what they're learning may be of interest to other children too, so they hand write a letter to some schools in the local area. A group of Yr 5/6 students receive their letter and decide to embark on a project creating nature inspired artwork to send back to the first school as a thank you. At the same time they also reach out to schools further afield - including one overseas. The foreign school replies enthusiastically, and very quickly a meaningful international network of collaboration for positive change is formed.

We facilitate the twinning process with workshops, digital collateral, and events; all of which can be provided in-person or online, depending on current regulations relating to COVID-19. Activities can be linked to NR points and a dedicated leaderboard for eco-twinning will be released soon.

It's as simple as that!

If you'd like to get involved, or would just like more information, please email us or fill in the form below.