This week (after 4 weeks of seeing hardly any signs of life) the runner bean we planted on week 1 of Kung Fu Pandas, has sprung into life suddenly! We planted the bean to make use of cartons we'd enjoyed ice cream from, and so the children could learn to consider "reducing" and "re-using", alongside the more commonly talked about 'R' - "re-cycling".

It would have been easy to give up and throw the bean away after several weeks, but it just goes to show that patience and caring is often rewarded, and as Dr Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) says in Jurassic Park - Nature/Life finds a way!

A similar example happened recently when we found a Magnolia tree that had seemingly died in our garden. As it has been a gift given to my wife for a special birthday, we were particularly keen not to give up on it, and as such, on clearing an area in our garden (which is currently a complete mess due to extensive building work) we decided to plant it and give it lots of water and TLC. I'm sure for a while our neighbours must have thought we'd cleared a space just so we could plant some dead sticks, and after several weeks I was beginning to wonder the same. However, thankfully our patience has been rewarded with some strong growth and plenty of signs of life at the base of the tree.

Originally it looked like we'd planted dead sticks!

Looks can be deceptive! Life finds a way.

It just goes to show - never give up, and trust in Mother Nature - she knows, y'know!

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