Updated: Dec 9, 2020

There's a lot of challenging news around at the moment, and it's easy to get frustrated or feel powerless. A knee jerk reaction can often be to try to find someone to blame. Whilst we absolutely must keep people (especially politicians) accountable, we also think it's a good idea to recognise when we each do something positive for nature - let's see if we can get positivity trending.


The aim is to create something similar to the foam fingers often waved around by crowds at sporting events and concerts (but re-using an old cardboard box). Once created, use THE FINGER OF POSITIVITY to highlight and thank someone for a good deed. SIMPLE!

It's a good idea to record on it who has done what, so you can remember and be inspired (or inspire others) again in the future. It doesn't have to just be the big things we acknowledge either. Try to use the finger daily and keep looking for the positives, big or small.

If you're feeling kind and want to help us build a community around caring for, and doing positive things for nature, we'd absolutely love to see your creations & messages shared online using the hashtag #ForNatureIWill.