Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Swans live for up to 30 years, and despite popular belief can fly (although they do need a run up of about 30 meters to become air born). All of the mute swans in England and Wales are owned by the Queen of England.

The mute swan, one of the heaviest flying birds, is a highly intelligent bird. Some say that if you have treated a swan kindly, it will remember you as a friend forever, but it remembers its enemies as well. Swans can become aggressive when protecting a nest of eggs or young.

Male swans weigh about 11 kg and females weigh slightly less at about 9 kg.

Mute swans have a pronounced black knob on top of their bills. A male swan (known as a 'cob') is larger than a female (known as a 'pen'), and has a relatively larger knob on its bill.

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