Updated: Dec 9, 2020

See below for guidance on how to do the 'Down Dog' Yoga pose.

Start by moving onto hands and knees. Check to make sure your hands are flat on the floor ideally with your fingers spread apart a little. Guide your hands forward by one ‘handprint’. Now gently push up through your hands and feet and lift your hips (bottom) up into the air – into dog pose.

You should now just be balancing on your hands and feet.

Keep your knees bent to start with – this will help you to stretch out your back. Then see if you can straighten your knees one at a time – but be careful not to ‘lock’ them. Imagine you have a little butterfly under your toes & place your feet gently onto the floor so that you don’t squash her!

Dog pose is a back stretch. So if you feel tightness down the back of your legs, bend your knees a little. As you do this you will be able you to lengthen your back further.

Take a look through your legs by putting your head between your upper arms and see the world from upside down!

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